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I've been quite busy this past month organizing a move of my girlfriend and I to San Francisco, but just a brief note for those that skipped my rather mysterious post on February 29th....

After 3.5 years at BEA, I've decided to jump to a new startup in the cloud computing space, called Elastra, as a lead architect of their product line.

Today, Elastra provides the software to provision clustered, highly available MySQL, PostgreSQL, and EnterpriseDB on Amazon EC2. The vision is to take this to multiple layers of an application stack (App servers, Mongrels, BPM engines, Integration engines, etc.) , adding in simulation and modeling, for different underlying utility infrastructures, whether public clouds like Amazon EC2, or private clouds like your in-house VMWare or Xen installation. I also think some surprises will emerge, as we explore with our customers what it means to be in "the cloud".

p.s. I have an "ode to BEA" entry coming soon, stay tuned...

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