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A followup on the Convenience vs. Correctness debate. I made a longish comment on SJ's blog about what the nut of our disagreement seems to be: how to improve IT! Please forgive typos and grammatical errors, I wrote it on the iPhone 3G...

One approach assumes that technology will always be a crapfest, thus we should focus on the business problems, create a roadmap, and map backwards on to whatever technology turd pile that stinks least for our business / skillset / culture.

The other approach assumes that business can and will change due to technology progress, thus technology can be made to smell better. We should focus on improving our current tech turds and crapfests to better fit big picture challenges (like those of businesses) so that they stink less, and thus businesses can leverage them to change their competitiveness.

I don't think these approaches target the same audiences, one is clearly the mindset of an IT consultant, the other seems to come from activists at IT vendors.

I also don't think either approach is necessarily wrong, except that both approaches carry biases make communication frustrating. ;-)

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