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I can't get enough of Peter Drucker's writings, especially on society and politics. If there's ever been a writer that is in tune with the way the world works, it's Drucker. I'm going to talk about Drucker a lot in this blog. Think of this as my introduction of him to you, if you're not familiar with him.


A very obviously Opeth influenced band is set to release their debut album some time in August. There's a sample song available, it sounds ... well, like Opeth, but not. It ain't that bad. The melody-writing isn't as refined as Opeth's, but it's only one song.

Oh, I guess this is my first music entry. I have some fairly interesting and diverse musical tastes, but nothing too bizarre, really. I like to hover around electronic and metal music of all sorts. Anyway, from time to time I may talk about music, it's a big part of me.

proprietary is not always bad

I wrote this piece for TheServerSide.com last week, a result of a post that got a wee bit too long. I was reading some of TheServerSide Symposium reports and noticed a lot of the "all standards, all the time" attitude being passed on there, so I decided to provide a counterpoint.

Based on the positive comments I've seen on my piece, it looks like I wasn't as alone in this line of thinking as I may have thought. I'll try to be more divisive next time.

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