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why distributed computing?

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why is distributed computing such a big deal? My focus here is for enterprise computing systems, not internet based systems. The dream of distributed objects and "n tier" architectures was to have all of these services floating around. I was a huge proponent, it's probably what made me want to be a programmer. Today I'm asking - why? WHY do they need to be distributed?

sometimes it's better to keep quiet

Instead of posting my thoughts, sometimes I think it's better for me to shut up and watch the fireworks. I find after I post any longish post or rant, I change my mind after I hit "send". Sigh.

Ok, so after my longish post to TSS about web services, I read Werner Vogel's excellent Web Services are NOT Distributed Objects. This is indeed the first time I've seen someone that's been a part of the dist-obj community in the past actually take this position, so I'm quite interested in what he has to say. I'm wondering if this will change my mind about what I said just a few hours ago...

The problem with Schumpeter

Related to a Slashdot story on the unstoppable flow of IT jobs to India, I replied to a comment that suggested that none of this really matters because of Schumpeterian growth theory, that economic growth is really about innovation and technological change. I agree, but my views have been tempered by some modern problems of both a political and social nature. Here are the comments.

SOA vs. OO

Don box says that Service-Oriented Architectures will defeat Object Oriented ones. This is a bit of a fluff piece, but I really respect Don, I learn a lot from him at times. Here are some of my comments on this article.

if you think harder, your code will be better

some comments on John Carmack's latest programming efforts.

a sad day

Wesley Willis has passed away.

Music copying in Canada

... is apparently free? This could be a hilarious case of the industry not recognizing what it was getting itself into.


Computing monoculture. Makes a lot of sense in light of the MSblaster worm et al recently.

Apple has class


Apple has class. It's probably one of the main reasons I use their software. I mean, they're a flawed company, but there's something about using a product that makes you feel better for using it.

Anyway, here's my latest example. They replaced their front page with a tribute to Gregory Hines for around 2 or 3 days a few weeks ago.

Of course you could say this is crass commercialism taking advantage of emotions over someone's death. But in this case, Hines was an avid Mac user (he was an "AppleMaster", or registered celebrity mac user) so it makes sense.

Here's the link to the tribute.

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