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Dave Rosenberg, CEO of MuleSource, doesn't like Elastra's recent announcement.

I like Mule. I've met Ross before. I think they have a great product. But I think this post says more about the author than it does about the actual press release. Here's what I wrote in response on the CNet entry (which has not passed moderation yet):


I think you misunderstood the point of the press release. If you had waited for me to return your phone call before writing this rant, we could have discussed this, but I suppose a little blog drama is fun on a Tuesday morning.

We were announcing that we've enabled the Elastra Cloud Server to _interoperate_ with the Eucalyptus project and are opening up a limited beta program for those who have deployed a test Eucalyptus environment and would like to use our cloud server to provision and manage their MySQL or PgCluster database.

We haven't announced commercial support for the Eucalyptus project. I don't see how you could even interpret this from the press release unless you were an open source vendors afraid someone was going to eat away at your revenue stream (Oh, wait.) It would be very presumptuous for us to offer support considering how early the project is in its life! It primarily is still a UCSB project that has only recently opened up its code base and the project is not really set up for widespread contributions quite yet. What we're saying is, "this is a good idea, and for those interested in using Eucalyptus, we'll work with you".

We really have no interest in monetizing Eucalyptus. We are working to enable interoperability between our software and a variety of virtualization management platforms. Just like when we demonstrate "VMware Support" in the coming weeks, it doesn't mean we're commercially supporting VMware, it means that we have build a service to interoperate with them.

That's what I meant by "ecosystem": there will be many vendors supporting cloud computing, some open source, some SaaS (like us, currently), some closed source. The important thing is that that in the face of a market that has different platforms, APIs, and licensing models, how we foster interoperability.

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