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My final presentation for the week is up on SlideShare.

At first I was worried this might be a bit too "out there" , but feedback has indicated the presentation was well received and provocative in the right ways, particularly in getting people working on REST to talk more about areas that have been usually punted, particularly the design of "interaction-oriented" interfaces in hypermedia, using POST.

Great seeing Jim, Steve again, and meeting Leonard and Ian for the first time. Though they left the conference before my session, I also briefly got to meet Tim, and Mark Nottingham, two leaders in this space whom I've long respected.

Podcast with John Willis is up...

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Over on Cloud Cafe...

Another day, another conference...

The slides from today's session are available on SlideShare. This session was almost ridiculously jam-packed, with standing room overflowing into the hallway. I think it went well -- thank you all for attending.

2 sessions down, 1 to go!

More obesity news...

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More evidencethat obiesity is not caused by caloric intake, but by the quality of the calories. Via Andrew. I find it interesting that calories are now getting mandatory listings on restaurant menus just as we're discovering they have little impact on weight gain.

The body is a homeostatic system. Fat cells are continually replenished, they're not trashcans that store the fat you injest. This is all hormone-regulated, with insulin being the primarily driver of fat accumulation. Some people are much more predisposed to be insulin sensitive than others (I'm one of these folks). The notion of calorie-restriction has historically been considered a "semi-starvation diet" - something considered unnatural for centuries that became mainstream only in the past 40 years.

I continually recommend reading Gary Taubes's work for an eye opener.

Am I a low carber? Sometimes for long stretches, but I've had a hard time keeping it up lately. I don't cook a lot, and my girlfriend is vegetarian, so I have to hunt for salads mostly. Salty foods (chips in particular) are my kryptonite. Another weakness is social drinking ... a glass of wine or beer at a party or event , or on the weekend, is a great tension reliever, but it doesn't bode well if you're trying to lose weight. I usually feel a lot better when I'm low carbing (after a few days of discomfort, as your body sheds several pounds of water weight...), though I always get a strange "I'm not quite hungry, but I could eat something right now" feeling that takes time to set aside.

Thanks to all who showed to the tutorial; a packed room, and we didn't get through all the material, but fear not, it is here!

Content is available on SlideShare; a PDF download is available here:



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Congratulations, President-Elect Obama.

Via Giza

November conferences

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Coming up for air, briefly. I have a busy month, but will be soon giving a preview of what I've been up to:

Today I'm recording a podcast with John Willis, master of all things ESM and Cloud. Should be up in the next few days.

I'm presenting the Cloud Computing tutorial at QCon San Francisco on Monday, November 17th. Also at QCon, I'll be speaking Thursday afternoon at the REST track on Designing Enterprise IT Systems with REST, wherein I try to explain in my own words what it means for a REST API to be hypertext-driven. As a case study, I'll give a sneak peek of some of the design decisions we've made with Elastra's ECML and EDML, such as our approach to linked data in some parts of the architecture, SPARQL in other parts, and the balancing act of modeling & managing data (aka "Using the Semantic Web like Tabasco Sauce ... a little goes a long way").

That same week, Wednesday November, 19th, I will be at the San Jose Fairmont speaking at the Cloud Computing Expo, on Cloud Computing and the Next Generation of Enterprise Architecture. This discusses Elastra's novel approach to architecture-aware, decentralized cloud computing & data centre automation. We enable composable systems management designs that can listen to & provision changes throughout a system's lifecycle.

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