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WS-REST 2011 Keynote

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I will be giving the keynote at the 2nd International Workshop on RESTful Design, entitled: I'll See You on the Write Side of the Web.

Yes, I do wonder if I have Brain Damage some days ;)

Here's the abstract:

While global-scale digital information sharing has become synonymous with REST,
state manipulation remains an inconsistent experience. Many so-called "RESTful
APIs" are specified out of band, through documentation, rather than in
hypermedia. Developers struggle with constructing their own custom
hypermedia-driven media types, falling back on lightweight site-specific data
structures. And the few standardized publishing media types, such as the Atom
Publishing Protocol, have had limited adoption. All of this serves to undermine
the serendipitous reuse of "writes", a quality we take for granted when dealing
with "reads". Of course, state-changing actions are semantically much more
difficult to describe generically than a simple HTTP GET, and it is an open
question as to whether it's even possible to do so practically.

This talk will explore whether there's an opportunity to provide generalized
media types and programming frameworks to assist with resource state
manipulation, and what they might look like, drawing inspiration from other
computing domains with dynamic environments, such as video games, robotics, and
embedded systems controllers.

Slides will be posted around the same time as the keynote.

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